Over 700 athletes from 40 nations taking part in the FIS Junior Ski World Championships in Lahti

Preliminary entry deadline a week ago fulfilled the pre-expectations concerning the amount of athletes and nations taking part for the FIS Junior Ski World Championships in Lahti in January 2019. Over 700 athletes from 40 different nations are in on the entry lists.

The amount of athletes will be the same as previous year in Goms-Kandersteg, Switzerland. Ladies Nordic Combined was as the test event already last year so it will not that much increase the number of athletes.

Cross Country skiing will be the biggest discipline as usual with, all together U20 and U23, 472 skiers. All 40 nations are represented in XC with the exotic countries as Brazil and Thailand.

In Ski Jumping there will be 143 athletes from 21 countries and in Nordic Combined 103 from 16 countries. Chief of Competition Mr. Hannu Lehman is satisfied with the participators.

”Number of nations is exactly the same as last year, so we need to be satisfied. You never know about the exotic countries, if the teams are in or not. This year we’ll have teams in Lahti also from Mongolia and Island”, says Lehman.

In addition with the athletes there will be approximately 400 team members, which is a bit more than in Switzerland.

Snowmaking in Lahti Sports Center has begun a week ago and the jumping hill HS100 is ready and open for jumping. The first kilometers of Cross country skiing track is also open and more will be ready soon. National Teams, for example in ski jumping, will train in Lahti in up-coming weeks.

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