Gold for Norway in women’s relay

Second last competition day of FIS Nordic Junior World Ski Championships started with U20 women’s cross country relay 4 x 3,3 km.

The gold medal team was Norway with margin of one second. Team Russia was second and team Sweden took the bronze medal. The margin between world champion team Norway and bronze team Sweden was 33,3 seconds at the finish.

Team Norway and Russia made a gap to other teams on the first lap. On the second leg Russia left Norway 10 seconds behind but Norway’s Helene Marie Fossesholm passed Russia’s Veronika Stepanova on the third leg. Team Norway left to the last lap with margin of 1,6 seconds before Team Russia. Russian Anna Grukhvina and Norwegian Kristine Stavaas Skistad were the fourth skiers of leader teams. Skistad passed Grukhvina at the stadium and team Norway took the gold medal.

Norwegian gold medalist Fossesholm told press about her tactics in the relay.

– Everyone did a really good job. When I changed with Astrid I just wanted to make the gap shorter between me and the Russian girl and when I did that I also wanted to make a little gap between me and the Russian girl so I could give Kristine a little gap, Fossesholm told.

Fossesholm told that she was a little bit excited when she looked the last lap at the stadium.

– I knew that Kristine is a really good sprinter so I was just satisfied, Fossesholm said.

Coach of team Norway Monika Korra thought that the week has been amazing for Norway.

– To end up with a relay today on top of the podium is just the best way possible, Korra summed up the week.

Silver medalist Kristina Kuskova was really satisfied with her performance and performance of team Russia.

– All of us support each other and that’s why I think we are on the second place today, Kuskova said.

Bronze medalist Linn Svahn was the anchor of team Sweden. Team USA and Sweden fought of bronze at the final lap.

– USA was pushing really hard in the last hill but I knew that if I have her back at the stadium I’m really fast in the last 300 meters, Svahn said.


  1. Norway 35:24.7 (Kristin Austgulen Fosnaes, Astrid Stav, Helene Marie Fossesholm, Kristine Stavaas Skistad)
  2. Russia +1,0 (Anastasiya Faleeva, Kristina Kuskova, Veronika Stepanova, Anna Grukhvina)
  3. Sweden +33,3 (Louise Lindstroem, Frida Karlsson, Tilde Baangman, Linn Svahn)

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Photo gredits JWSC2019 / Janina Pitkänen

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A quadruple win for Russia in men’s 30 kilometres – Sobakarev took gold

Last cross country competition of U23 men at FIS Nordic Junior World Ski Championships in Lahti was celebration of Russian Andrey Sobakarev who took the first podium in 30 kilometre’s mass start classic style race.

Russia took a quadruple win in the competition. On the second place was Ivan Kirillov with margin of 3,5 seconds behind gold medalist Sobakarev.

Ivan Yakimushkin took bronze. He crossed the finish line 1,4 seconds after silver medalist Kirillov.

The race was even for long. A group of 25 athletes stayed together until 20 kilometres. After that the group started to grow smaller. Sobakarev made his attack at the last kilometers of the race. He attacked on uphill and left rest of the group. Anton Timashov passed Japanese Naoto Baba at the stadium and all Russians were on top four.

Winner of the day thought that the race was really hard due to the heavy snow. Sobakarev made his attack at the last lap.

– I know that I’m a really good sprinter. That’s why I tried to save strength and stamina for the last kilometre, Sobakarev told.

Sobakarev came to Lahti especially for sprint and 30 kilometre’s race.

– In sprint I don’t have any medals and it’s sad but in 30 kilometres I came to win and I won so for me this a good event and week, Sobakarev summed up his week.

Next Sobakarev has a training camp on altitude. He will come back to Lahti for World Cup.

Silver medalist Kirillov has been four times in U23 Junior World Ski Championships.

– I’m glad that I’m here and able to compete. I did all that I can, Kirillov said.

Kirillov competes next at U23 National Russian Championships.

The bronze medalist Yakimushkin told the press that Russians didn’t have any team tactics in the race. Yakimushkin took his second bronze medal in these competitions. 

– I didn’t put any targets for me on these Championships. I have two bronze medals and that’s good. I come here back to World Cup, Yakimushkin told.


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Photo gredits JWSC2019 / Janina Pitkänen

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Lapierre continued strong success of France at JWSC2019

The fourth competition day of FIS Nordic Junior World Ski Championships at Lahti included U23 men’s 15 kilometer cross country freestyle race. Number one was French Jules Lapierre with clear margin of 29,8 seconds.

Fight of the second place was really tight. Michal Novak from Czech Republic took the silver medal with margin of just 0,02 seconds ahead of the bronze medalist Ivan Yakimushkin from Russia.

Winner Lapierre was happy with his performance today.

– It was a very good day for me. I’m very happy and in good shape. I like the track. It’s very tough.

France has started JWSC2019 in a strong way. French Jules Chappaz took a gold medal on Tuesday. Lapierre said to the press that this is the best way to start these World Championships. Lapierre will still take part in 30 kilometres race on Friday.

Silver medalist Novak was a little surprised of the result. He didn’t expect so good race. Novak took the first medal for Czech Republic in these competitions.

Novak thought that the track suited him very well.

– I competed here last year in world cup and previous year.

Novak will still take part at least 30 kilometres on Friday.

The bronze medalist Yakimushkin thought that first two laps were really tough for him.

– Sure I’m glad about the medal but still I’m far from my ideal condition but today I showed my best.

Yakimushkin didn’t yet know how his season continues.

U23 men’s next competition is on Friday. They compete medals on mass start 30 kilometer classic style race.


Photo gallery for JWSC2019

Photo gredits JWSC2019 / Janina Pitkänen

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