Positive snow control for JWSC2019 in Lahti

Everything starts to be ready for the JWSC in Lahti! Snow control is looking good and weather forecast sounds promising for  the upcoming days. Ski jumping hill and skiing tracks are ready for the competitions!

Ski Jumping

The HS100 is in profile. The snow is mainly artificial snow, the latest layer shot at the end of November. Above the human-made snow base, there is some natural snow compressed with snow roller. The in-run has FIS certified TOPSPEED® ice track with a cooling system.

The hill has been open for training from Nov 30th 2018.

Cross Country

The 2,5km North and 2,5km South courses have similar snow construction as at the ski jumping hill and have adequate snow situation. The base of the snow-pack is artificial snow, on top, there are layers of groomed natural snow.

“The whole 5km course network (2,5km North and 2,5km South) has been covered by artificial snow. There is also an additional 1,6km course for warming up, located pretty close to the service area. This course has also been covered by artificial snow in early season.” -Annmari Viljanmaa, CC snow control report for JWSC 2019 (Jan 8th 2019)


Snow depth in Lahti area is 30cm, and some more fresh snow is still expected in the coming days. According to the forecast, the temperatures will remain below zero until the event.


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