Miyazaki won gold in the historic race

Nordic Combined ladies competed in a historic race today at the JWSC. Today was the first time ever that World Championship medals were awarded in women’s Nordic Combined competition.

After ski jumping Austrian Lisa Hirner was in the lead. Gyda Westvold Hansen from Norway was second, leaving 12 seconds after Hirner for the skiing part of the competition.
Japanese Ayane Miyazaki jumped the third best, leaving 22 seconds after Hirner.

The gold medal battle was between Miyazaki and Westvold Hansen. Westvold Hansen lead the competition after the final downhill, but Miyazaki passed her just before the last curve, taking home the historic gold medal.

– Getting medal was my goal in this competition. Getting gold was a surprise that is hard to comprehend, but I’m really happy about it, Miyazaki told.

– It was really hard race. I had a good cross country race. In the end I was not able to keep up with Ayane but I’m satisfied, Westvold Hansen said.

Bronze medalist, Japanese Anju Nakamura, left to the skiing part from the 16th position, one minute and 41 seconds after Hirner. In the finish line she was just 18,5 seconds behind the winner Miyazaki.

– I’ve trained skiing 4 years now and jumping is not my strength. Coming here and being able to be so good with the skiing made me very happy, Nakamura told the press.


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