Janne Ahonen is the Ambassador of JWSC2019

Ambassador for the FIS Nordic Junior World Ski Championships will be, one of the best ski jumpers ever, Janne Ahonen. Ahonen himself compete two times in a JWSC, and everyone knows what Ahonen achieved in his career. You could not have a better ambassador for junior world championships.

“I have good memories about JWSC, of course. When I participate in first time, I hadn’t so much experience for international competitions. First one was in Harrachov, legendary place for ski jumping, so I got good memories from there. That competition felt so big back then”, Ahonen says.

Ahonen have a lot to tense in these championships. Janne’s son Mico Ahonen will compete in Lahti.

“That’s good thing. That was one of the seasons main goals for Mico to make the team. But you could not be too satisfied for that. Now when Mico is in the team, lets try to get best result that is possible. Although Mico could compete in these games for many times after these Lahti games.”

Ahonen is one of the best ski jumpers ever, so he certainly can give some advices for young ski jumpers.

“You have to remember that these games are just same kind of ski jumping that they have jumped in every competition this year. Focus on your own jumping and do same things what you have done earlier and have learned before. It is a same kind of competition even though it’s a world championship”, Ahonen reminds.

Ahonen has an honour to hand out the trophys for mens individual ski jumping competition on Thursday. Ahonen takes this task for pleasure, but have some thoughts about that ceremony.

“I don’t know how many of these young ski jumpers will remember who Janne Ahonen is. Maybe they remember. Of course, it’s nice that some of these kids have watched me jumping, so it’s nice to be part of that prize giving ceremony”, Ahonen smiles.

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