FIS Junior Nordic World Ski Championships behind in Lahti – “Feedback has been very good”

Mixed Team Event in Ski Jumping followed by Closing Ceremony on Sunday were the last action in Lahti, FIS Junior Nordic World Ski Championships. Competion week went smooth, weather was chilly with snowfall and the organization gathered only positive feedback from the teams and co-operators.

During the eight days 23 events went through and 15 nations collected medals. The best one was Russia with the 17 medals, seven of them golden.Second was Norway with four gold medals and total amount of 19 and the third Germany with nine medals.

Marc Hodler Trophy was handed out for Norway, which collected 28 points ahead of Germany (23 points) and Russia (21 points).

Small weather challenges were handled

During the week there were heavy snowfall and cold temperatures in Lahti. Organization worked well and the challenges were taken care of without any schedule changes. FIS Nordic Combined Race Coordinator Michael Neumayer was satisfied after the tough week in Lahti.

“I’m happy that we have done everything without any big issues. No wind problems, also the blowers worked pretty well, so the snowfalls were not the problem. In cross country part they build up the courses pretty fast after the other competitions. We got the feedback from the athletes, they are happy” says Neumayer.

The importance of Junior World Championships is obvious.

“It’s a kind of a big event for youngsters. It’s a first step to get knowledge, what it will be later for example in World Championships. Most of them are ready to take part for the bigger events.”

Lahti is a familiar place for Neumayer who’s former ski jumper.

“I know Lahti for many years. You can see your knowledge out the stadium and at the venues. Big thank for people who are involved. You need a big staff for all this week. Many many thanks for all of them. I’m quite happy that you made it and we made it”, thanked Neumayer.

Many nationalities on the podium and on top ten

Head of the organization, Secretary General Aino-Kaisa Saarinen is really satisfied with the staff and the volunteers of 1000 persons. She sees that the event was success in many ways.

“We succeeded in many parts. We had great athmosphere with noisy audience, high-level performances in competitions and no delays on the schedule”, says Saarinen.

Especially the warm feedback from the teams makes Saarinen feel good.

“We have got extremely good feedback from the teams. Lahti Stadium is a compact and works well with these three disciplines. Additionally I’m satisfied that we got events when there were nine nations on the best ten and also not so well-known nationalities on the podium, if you think the Nordic discipilines.”

Live stream was produced from FIS Junior Nordic World Ski Championships. Stream was high-level multicamera production, which spreaded for 35 countries. The most nations subscribed the stream were Finland, Sweden and Norway.

Additional program during the week were SnowKidz Tour where 1500 elementary school kids were participating for the different kind of action with skies on snow.


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