FIS Junior Nordic World Ski Championships behind in Lahti – “Feedback has been very good”

Mixed Team Event in Ski Jumping followed by Closing Ceremony on Sunday were the last action in Lahti, FIS Junior Nordic World Ski Championships. Competion week went smooth, weather was chilly with snowfall and the organization gathered only positive feedback from the teams and co-operators.

During the eight days 23 events went through and 15 nations collected medals. The best one was Russia with the 17 medals, seven of them golden.Second was Norway with four gold medals and total amount of 19 and the third Germany with nine medals.

Marc Hodler Trophy was handed out for Norway, which collected 28 points ahead of Germany (23 points) and Russia (21 points).

Small weather challenges were handled

During the week there were heavy snowfall and cold temperatures in Lahti. Organization worked well and the challenges were taken care of without any schedule changes. FIS Nordic Combined Race Coordinator Michael Neumayer was satisfied after the tough week in Lahti.

“I’m happy that we have done everything without any big issues. No wind problems, also the blowers worked pretty well, so the snowfalls were not the problem. In cross country part they build up the courses pretty fast after the other competitions. We got the feedback from the athletes, they are happy” says Neumayer.

The importance of Junior World Championships is obvious.

“It’s a kind of a big event for youngsters. It’s a first step to get knowledge, what it will be later for example in World Championships. Most of them are ready to take part for the bigger events.”

Lahti is a familiar place for Neumayer who’s former ski jumper.

“I know Lahti for many years. You can see your knowledge out the stadium and at the venues. Big thank for people who are involved. You need a big staff for all this week. Many many thanks for all of them. I’m quite happy that you made it and we made it”, thanked Neumayer.

Many nationalities on the podium and on top ten

Head of the organization, Secretary General Aino-Kaisa Saarinen is really satisfied with the staff and the volunteers of 1000 persons. She sees that the event was success in many ways.

“We succeeded in many parts. We had great athmosphere with noisy audience, high-level performances in competitions and no delays on the schedule”, says Saarinen.

Especially the warm feedback from the teams makes Saarinen feel good.

“We have got extremely good feedback from the teams. Lahti Stadium is a compact and works well with these three disciplines. Additionally I’m satisfied that we got events when there were nine nations on the best ten and also not so well-known nationalities on the podium, if you think the Nordic discipilines.”

Live stream was produced from FIS Junior Nordic World Ski Championships. Stream was high-level multicamera production, which spreaded for 35 countries. The most nations subscribed the stream were Finland, Sweden and Norway.

Additional program during the week were SnowKidz Tour where 1500 elementary school kids were participating for the different kind of action with skies on snow.


Comments of the FIS Race Coordinator of Nordic Combined Michael Neumayer

Medal standings

Marc Hodler Trophy standings

Daily “highlights”-videos on LUMISPORT TV (YouTube)

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Russia collected 17 medals of which seven was golden

Russia was the best nation in FIS Junior Nordic World Ski Championships in Lahti and collected 17 medals. Seven of them were golden, seven silver and three bronze.

Norway actually won 19 medals, but only four of them were golden. Third in medal standings was Germany with nine medals, three of each color.

Norway was the best nation when calculated the overall standings in Marc Hodler Trophy. Germany was the second and Russia third.

Marc Hodler Trophy standings

Russia wins in Mixed Team in Ski Jumping

FIS Nordic Junior World Ski Championships ended today with Mixed Team Event in ski jumping.

Russia won the competition with team Anna Shpyneva, Mikhail Purtov, Lidiia Iakovleva and Maksim Sergeev. They jumped a total of 984.4 points.

– I really liked how we jumped today. Maybe we didn’t do it that well as we wished, but we still won and it was our goal today, Russians told.

Norway came second. The team consisting of Ingebjoerg Saglien Braaten, Fredrik Villumstad, Silje Opseth and Thomas Aasen Markeng jumped a total of 979.6 points, losing to Russia only by 4.8 points.

– I think it was a really great competition. My team made some good jumps on the hill. We are really satisfied, told Opseth.

The third was Germany with 964.8 points. The team included Agnes Reisch, Luca Roth, Selina Freitag and Constantin Schmid.

– Today’s race was not so great individually. But it was a nice week and I’m happy. I had a good flow and the jumps were good.

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Lamparter to victory in men’s Nordic Combined individual competition

On the last day of FIS Junior World Ski Championships 2019, Nordic Combined men competed in HS100 and 10 km skiing individual competition.

After ski jumping, Norwegian Jens Luraas Oftebro lead the competition with 131.8 points. However, German Julian Schmid jumped 131.7 points, meaning that the two men would head to skiing at the time. The ski jumping race was really even, since eight best athletes left within 20 seconds.

In the last few kilometers, Austrian Johannes Lamparter attacked and skied to the victory, leaving Schmid to the second place, 12.2 seconds behind him.

– The attack wasn’t really my tactic. The conditions were really slow, so we had to ski the first and the second laps slowly, Lamparter told the press.

The winner was really happy with his three medals during the championships.

– Awesome week, it was incredible.

The silver medalist Schmid was also really happy with his performance in the championships, describing his competitions “nearly perfect”. He said the press that he hopes to start in some world cup competitions in this season.

Andreas Skoglund from Norway came in third, being 31.4 seconds behind Lamparter.

– The competition was really hard. I’m satisfied with my jump, it was a little bit of a bad landing, but I’m happy, Skoglund told the press.


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Team Germany wins the World Champion title in Ski Jumping Team Event

Ski Jumping Junior World Championship men’s Team Event gold medalists are Luca Roth, Kilian Maerkl, Philipp Raimund and Constantin Schmid from team Germany. The gold battle was a tight competition between Germany and Norway. Team Germany took the win only with 2,9 points before team Norway. Team Slovenia took the third place with 952.6 points.

Team Germany was really happy to be the world champion. Kilian Maerkl sums up the team’s feelings.

– Crazy. It’s awesome – no words, Kilian Maerkl said.

The competition was tight till the end. Last two jumps were dramatic.

– I did my best jump in this week during the last round. Quite a right moment Constantin Schmid thought after the race.

The silver medalists praised the fair competition.

– Superfair competition. There was no wind and many long jumps especially during the last round. It was also a fun competition to watch, Fredrik Villumstad from Norway sums up.

Team Slovenia wanted to take medals to home.

– Our goal was to be in the podium and here we are. We are satisfied, Zak Mogel.

Next steps to atheletes in order to reach world’s top level are coming. There is one way.

– Enjoy and have fun, I guess, Assistant coach Tilen Gros from Slovenia smirkled.



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The Winner of Ladies’ Ski Jumping Team Event is Russia

Ski Jumping Junior World Championship Team Event gold medalists are Mariia Iakovleva, Aleksandra Barantceva, Anna Shpyneva and Lidiia Iakovleva from Russia. They took the win with 66,8 points before team Germany. Russia had impressive lead already after first round. However, the bronze battle was a tight competition between Austria and Japan. After the final round Austria took the third place 1,3 points ahead of Japan.

Russian Anna Shpyneva was happy for the win.

– Our team is now in a good shape and we are very happy for the win. I think it’s the first time that Russian women team is actually on the top.

– We just jumped very well and that’s it, Lidiia Iakovleva commented after the competition.

Russian coach Dmitri Tikhonov is satisfied with Russian’s organization and coaching. He is also waiting for Sunday’s mixed team event.

– We have a good team. Russia might be on top three, Tikonov said.

Team Germany was on the second place during the whole competition.

– In my opinion it was a good competition. We showed good jumps and I think all in all it was okay, Selina Freitag said in the press conference.

Germany’s 4th place last year changed to a silver medal today in Lahti.

– It was a great competition for team Germany. It’s great to jump here in Lahti and we enjoyed it. I hope that I can jump tomorrow in mixed team competition, Agnes Reisch continued.

Team Austria had to wait till the end of the race to see if they get medals or not. They were confident for themselves and the team itself.

– I knew that we are a strong team and we all knew that we have good chances. We all gave our best. We are really happy for the bronze medals. It was a good competition, Marita Kramer thought after the medal ceremony.

It’s only one day left in Junior World Championship in Lahti. The competitions have been a good platform for young athletes to showcase their talent and abilities.

– It was a good opportunity to prepare for world cup and for adults’ world championship for some day. Claudia Purker from team Austria analysed.

Austria’s coach David Fallman was satisfied today’s competition.

– They managed to do very good stuff. In the end it is a third place and the first medal for girls in Junior World Championships ever. It’s another chance tomorrow.

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Tight race in mens relay – USA took the victory

The seventh competition day of FIS Nordic Junior World Ski Championships in Lahti included Cross Country U20 Relay 4×5 km Men’ s race. Winner team was USA with the margin of 3.8 seconds. Fight for the second place was very tight. Silver medal team was Russia with margin of 2,5 seconds ahead of the Germany bronze team.

Winner team USA, Luke Jager, Ben Ogden, Johnny Hagenbuch, Gus Schumacher, was happy today their result and gold medal position.

“I knew the pace was going to be really hard in the start and we made the plan just chill out little bit. I was confident with my skis and I was able to save lot energy. It was pretty tight in the end, but yeah I’m very happy”, said Jager.

“I think this gold medal we got is just a result of a collective effort with our team, coach support, parents’ help and our team mates supporting us”, said Hagenbuch.

A strong Russian team took silver medals. Andrey Kuznetsov, athlete of the second leg, tried to catch the leading teams.

“Right from the beginning we try catch that 7 seconds between me and the group. Last period I didn’t feel so good today, but still tried my best”, said Kuznetsov.

Florian Knopf, German on the 2nd leg, was happy with the result and the team tactics.

“It was a really tough race for me, but our first athlete Jacob Milz did very good job. So I was given a good possibility to chase them and in the end I could push more. I had really good skis and I want to thank our serviceman and also our whole team”, said Knopf.

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Gold for Norway in women’s relay

Second last competition day of FIS Nordic Junior World Ski Championships started with U20 women’s cross country relay 4 x 3,3 km.

The gold medal team was Norway with margin of one second. Team Russia was second and team Sweden took the bronze medal. The margin between world champion team Norway and bronze team Sweden was 33,3 seconds at the finish.

Team Norway and Russia made a gap to other teams on the first lap. On the second leg Russia left Norway 10 seconds behind but Norway’s Helene Marie Fossesholm passed Russia’s Veronika Stepanova on the third leg. Team Norway left to the last lap with margin of 1,6 seconds before Team Russia. Russian Anna Grukhvina and Norwegian Kristine Stavaas Skistad were the fourth skiers of leader teams. Skistad passed Grukhvina at the stadium and team Norway took the gold medal.

Norwegian gold medalist Fossesholm told press about her tactics in the relay.

– Everyone did a really good job. When I changed with Astrid I just wanted to make the gap shorter between me and the Russian girl and when I did that I also wanted to make a little gap between me and the Russian girl so I could give Kristine a little gap, Fossesholm told.

Fossesholm told that she was a little bit excited when she looked the last lap at the stadium.

– I knew that Kristine is a really good sprinter so I was just satisfied, Fossesholm said.

Coach of team Norway Monika Korra thought that the week has been amazing for Norway.

– To end up with a relay today on top of the podium is just the best way possible, Korra summed up the week.

Silver medalist Kristina Kuskova was really satisfied with her performance and performance of team Russia.

– All of us support each other and that’s why I think we are on the second place today, Kuskova said.

Bronze medalist Linn Svahn was the anchor of team Sweden. Team USA and Sweden fought of bronze at the final lap.

– USA was pushing really hard in the last hill but I knew that if I have her back at the stadium I’m really fast in the last 300 meters, Svahn said.


  1. Norway 35:24.7 (Kristin Austgulen Fosnaes, Astrid Stav, Helene Marie Fossesholm, Kristine Stavaas Skistad)
  2. Russia +1,0 (Anastasiya Faleeva, Kristina Kuskova, Veronika Stepanova, Anna Grukhvina)
  3. Sweden +33,3 (Louise Lindstroem, Frida Karlsson, Tilde Baangman, Linn Svahn)

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Germany claims victory in Nordic Combined team competition

Nordic Combined men had a team competition today with HS100 and 4×5 km skiing.

Germany won the ski jumping with 460.7 points before Norway and Austria. Julian Schmid from Germany jumped the strongest with 118.9 point jump.

Norway left the cross country 13 seconds behind Germany. Norwegian Aleksander Skoglund caught Germany quite fast and came to the exchange first.

For a long time it seemed like Team Norway would take the win. However, during the third round Norway dropped to the fifth place. Norway’s coach Carlo Brömel told the press that their third skier, Jens Luraas Oftebro, has been sick and that showed in the skiing today. Austria took the lead, Germany leaving for the fourth round only ten seconds behind them.

Germany’s Schmid caught Austria’s Marc Luis Rainer on the last round and skied to the win.

– I tried everything to catch the Austrian guy. On the second lap I caught him. On the last hill I gave my everything, Schmid told the press.

Norway’s last member Andreas Skoglund skied the last part strongly and came second to the finish line, 14.3 seconds behind Germany. Austria won bronze being 22.5 seconds behind the winner team.

Nordic Combined men will compete again on Sunday with HS100 and 10 kilometer cross country race.

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A quadruple win for Russia in men’s 30 kilometres – Sobakarev took gold

Last cross country competition of U23 men at FIS Nordic Junior World Ski Championships in Lahti was celebration of Russian Andrey Sobakarev who took the first podium in 30 kilometre’s mass start classic style race.

Russia took a quadruple win in the competition. On the second place was Ivan Kirillov with margin of 3,5 seconds behind gold medalist Sobakarev.

Ivan Yakimushkin took bronze. He crossed the finish line 1,4 seconds after silver medalist Kirillov.

The race was even for long. A group of 25 athletes stayed together until 20 kilometres. After that the group started to grow smaller. Sobakarev made his attack at the last kilometers of the race. He attacked on uphill and left rest of the group. Anton Timashov passed Japanese Naoto Baba at the stadium and all Russians were on top four.

Winner of the day thought that the race was really hard due to the heavy snow. Sobakarev made his attack at the last lap.

– I know that I’m a really good sprinter. That’s why I tried to save strength and stamina for the last kilometre, Sobakarev told.

Sobakarev came to Lahti especially for sprint and 30 kilometre’s race.

– In sprint I don’t have any medals and it’s sad but in 30 kilometres I came to win and I won so for me this a good event and week, Sobakarev summed up his week.

Next Sobakarev has a training camp on altitude. He will come back to Lahti for World Cup.

Silver medalist Kirillov has been four times in U23 Junior World Ski Championships.

– I’m glad that I’m here and able to compete. I did all that I can, Kirillov said.

Kirillov competes next at U23 National Russian Championships.

The bronze medalist Yakimushkin told the press that Russians didn’t have any team tactics in the race. Yakimushkin took his second bronze medal in these competitions. 

– I didn’t put any targets for me on these Championships. I have two bronze medals and that’s good. I come here back to World Cup, Yakimushkin told.


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Double victory for the Russians in Ladies 15 km Classic Mass Start

Russian Anna Zherebyateva took the win ahead of her team mate Lidia Durkina in the ladies’ 15 km competition in FIS Nordic Junior World Ski Championships. Katharina Hennig was third and took the bronze medal to Germany.

Zherebyateva was very happy about the victory.

“My tactic was to make a gap in the second loop. So I did exactly what I wanted. It went really well. Tracks were exactly right for me. This gold medal is an important step for my sport career”, said Zherebyateva.

Russian Lidia Durkina was the silver medalist 23,5 seconds behind Zherebyateva.

“I am very happy about the result, because I’m not in a very good shape now. I wanted to be sixth, but I got second place so I’m very happy! Me and Anna wanted to help each other to top three places and we both had a good race. Next up we have the relay in World Cup in Sweden. Seefeld World Championships will be my first ever championship and I try relax and memorize it well”, said Durkina.

Hennig was 37,5 seconds behind the winner.

“My goal today was to be as long as possible in the leading group and I am really happy to get a medal in my last U23 World Championships. It was my plan to keep up a fast pace from the start on and it went pretty well, but at the last loop I got problems. It has been a great week in Lahti. The World Championship in Seefeld is my next big goal and I am heading to training camp next week. I am very motivated”, said Hennig.


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The Winner of men’s ski jumping is Norwegian Thomas Aasen Markeng

Ski Jumping Junior World Championship gold medalist is Thomas Aasen Markeng form Norway. He jumped 97 meters in both jumps. Silver medalist German Luca Roth was only 1.3 point behind. Sergey Tkachenko snatched the first Kazakhstan’s ski jumping World Championship medal ever and it was bronze. Gap between Kazakh and the winner was 3.2 points.

“My competition was really good. I was able to take out my best jumps in this winter season so I am really happy. My work in last year have been really good. The World Champion means to me really much and this is what I am worked for every day. I hope that I and my team can do good jumps and make it to the podium”, happy winner Markeng told.

Lahti’s HS100 hill offered an equal circumstances for all the competitors. After first round Tkachenko was in the lead. He jumped 96.5 meter and got 126.8 points. Winner of the day was in the second position only 0.2 points behind Kazakh. Third was Roth from Germany with 123.6 points. All the medalist kept their positions on top three also in second round although the order was a bit different.

“I am very very happy, the medal showed me that my work in the past months and weeks has been good. It’s a nice hill and you could fly beautifully. Germany is a very good team and we won last year, so that is the target, silver medalist Luca reported.

“It was a very good competition, I felt really good and made good jumps”, Tkachenko said with a smile.

Ski jumpers will continue their World Championships on Saturday’s team competition at 18:30.

Official Results

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Double victory for Russia in ladies ski jumping

The action at the ski jumping hill started in Lahti as the FIS Nordic Junior Wolrd Ski Championship continued with ladies HS100 individual competition. Russian Anna Shpyneva won the competition with 253,1 points and the silver medal went to Russian Lidiia Iakovleva with 252,4 points. Lara Malsiner, from Italy, took the bronze with 249,9 points.

Shpyneva was on the second place after the first round but she rose to the highest podium after second round.

– My jumps were not bad and I think I learned something today. I like to be here, because come here to train often. I think the competition showed me I can move forward and improve for the future, said Shpyneva.

Iakovleva was happy about the silver medal and was already looking forward for the mixed team competition.

– The competition was fine and I’m very happy about the result. I hope everything goes fine in the mixed team competition.

Italian Malsiner was also happy about her results.

– I jumped on a high level. I’m very happy about my jumps and my results.


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Italy took their first gold medal in U20 men Mass Start race

FIS Nordic Junior World Ski Championships continued with cross country U20 men 30 kilometers
classic style competition. Luca Del Fabbro from Italy won the race. Norwegian Haavard Moseby
caught the silver medal just after him and third was Cyril Faehndrich from Switzerland. The final
sprint showed the strongest ones again because all the top three men where inside of 0.5 second.
Competition was also unforgettable because first nine athletes were also from nine different


“Today’s track was really difficult. I had a good feeling and good condition. Thank you my team for
the great skis. I wanted to win and I did it. Very perfect day. My tactic was to stay at the first
position in the last kilometer because I knew that I am having a good sprint”, the World Champion

from Italy said with the smile.

Silver medalist Moseby was also really happy with his position today. -15 degrees wasn’t too bad

for the athlete, even though he felt some cold in his face and knees.

“I am very satisfied with today’s competition. It was a cold race, my first 30 kilometer ever. In the
start it was quite a slow pace. Last two laps were lot faster and at the last uphill I gave everything
and in last curve to stadium I took two passes. I tried to beat Luca in the sprint but he was to

strong but I am satisfied with my result second place today”, silver medalist told after race.

Faehndrich supposed that he had the best skis of the whole group.

“At the begin it was really hectic. I tried to chill and flex in the background of the hill. On the fifth
round I said now it’s the start to the race. I went to top ten and on the last uphill I gave everything
I had and at the finish I was third, crazy! I had the perfect skis. I think the best skis in the field.
Thanks to the service team. They said “just sit down and you will go third” happy bronze medalist

Feahndrich told in the press.

The race was a true mass race. In 26.1 kilometers 21 men was still inside 12 seconds. Top three

athletes were little surprised that no one attacked before the end sprint.

Men have still one more competition to go. On Saturday it is a team competition day.

TOP three of the race:

1. Luca Del Fabbro, ITA  1:15:16.7
2. Haavard Moseby, NOR, +0.4
3. Cyril Faehndrich, SUI, +0.5

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Frida Karlsson was superior in the ladies 15km race

FIS Nordic Junior World Ski Championships continued with Cross Country U20 ladies 15 kilometer mass start competition. Swedish Frida Karlsson took the win in the ladies’ competition. Norwegian Helene Marie Fossesholm took the silver medal and Finnish Anita Korva the bronze medal.

Karlsson was very happy about the victory.

“I feel very satisfied. I want to keep my focus on myself and my own skiing. I wanted to find nice technic today and I think I managed to do that. I didn’t set gold as my goal. On Saturday we want to give other countries a real fight in the relay”, said Karlsson.

Norwegian Fossesholm was the silver medalist 52,1 seconds behind Karlsson.

“I had great skis and the day was fantastic. I just had to ski fast, because I wanted to keep my position and I know Frida was skiing fast too. If I think about the relay, there is a lot strong opponents and these guys for example from Finland and Russia and also from other countries too”, said Fossesholm.

Korva thought that the competition was great and there was lots of room to ski. Korva was 58,1 seconds behind Karlsson.

“It was quite easy to ski. I just try to keep my position to the end. Training season wasn’t so perfect so this is a great surprise. I don’t know, how high we can be in relay”, said Korva.


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Miyazaki won gold in the historic race

Nordic Combined ladies competed in a historic race today at the JWSC. Today was the first time ever that World Championship medals were awarded in women’s Nordic Combined competition.

After ski jumping Austrian Lisa Hirner was in the lead. Gyda Westvold Hansen from Norway was second, leaving 12 seconds after Hirner for the skiing part of the competition.
Japanese Ayane Miyazaki jumped the third best, leaving 22 seconds after Hirner.

The gold medal battle was between Miyazaki and Westvold Hansen. Westvold Hansen lead the competition after the final downhill, but Miyazaki passed her just before the last curve, taking home the historic gold medal.

– Getting medal was my goal in this competition. Getting gold was a surprise that is hard to comprehend, but I’m really happy about it, Miyazaki told.

– It was really hard race. I had a good cross country race. In the end I was not able to keep up with Ayane but I’m satisfied, Westvold Hansen said.

Bronze medalist, Japanese Anju Nakamura, left to the skiing part from the 16th position, one minute and 41 seconds after Hirner. In the finish line she was just 18,5 seconds behind the winner Miyazaki.

– I’ve trained skiing 4 years now and jumping is not my strength. Coming here and being able to be so good with the skiing made me very happy, Nakamura told the press.


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Schmid took the gold medal at men’s nordic combined

The fourth day of FIS Nordic Junior World Ski Championships at Lahti finished with U20 men’s nordic combined individual HS100 and 5 km freestyle skiing competition.

The winner of the whole competition was Julian Schmid from Germany with margin of 5,3 seconds. Johannes Lamparter from Austria was the silver medalist and Norwegian Jens Luraas Oftebro took the bronze. He crossed the finish line 8,2 seconds after silver medalist Lamparter.

Oftebro had the lead after ski jumping part. He jumped 92 meters so as Lamparter who headed to track just one second after Oftebro. Schmid was third at hill with 91,5 meter’s jump and got to the track two seconds after Oftebro.

German made his attack at last uphill and run away from Oftebro and Lamparter.

Schmid was happy with his jump and when he crossed the finish line. Schmid told press about his decision to attack at the last uphill.

– Johannes and Jens were so close behind me. I thought ‘makes beat, makes beat’ and then my coach said that I have a little gap and then I gave everything over the top, told Junior World Champion.

His next step is to get some starts at World Cup. Schmid thinks that Friday’s team competition in nordic combined will be very interesting.

– Austria and Norway are very strong this year. Also team Germany is very good on the hill, said Schmid.

Silver medalist Lamparter was especially happy with his jump.

– In the end I’m very satisfied to have a medal on my neck, told Lamparter.

He planned to attack also at last uphill.

– Julian did it a little bit better, said Lamparter.

Bronze medalist Oftebro told the press that the race was extremely hard.

– Very tough weather and lot of snow. At the end I’m very satisfied with the medal here, said Norwegian.

He told press that the top three planned to work together at cross country part.

– We wanted to work together to keep the gap from other athletes. I think we did it well, said Oftebro.


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Lapierre continued strong success of France at JWSC2019

The fourth competition day of FIS Nordic Junior World Ski Championships at Lahti included U23 men’s 15 kilometer cross country freestyle race. Number one was French Jules Lapierre with clear margin of 29,8 seconds.

Fight of the second place was really tight. Michal Novak from Czech Republic took the silver medal with margin of just 0,02 seconds ahead of the bronze medalist Ivan Yakimushkin from Russia.

Winner Lapierre was happy with his performance today.

– It was a very good day for me. I’m very happy and in good shape. I like the track. It’s very tough.

France has started JWSC2019 in a strong way. French Jules Chappaz took a gold medal on Tuesday. Lapierre said to the press that this is the best way to start these World Championships. Lapierre will still take part in 30 kilometres race on Friday.

Silver medalist Novak was a little surprised of the result. He didn’t expect so good race. Novak took the first medal for Czech Republic in these competitions.

Novak thought that the track suited him very well.

– I competed here last year in world cup and previous year.

Novak will still take part at least 30 kilometres on Friday.

The bronze medalist Yakimushkin thought that first two laps were really tough for him.

– Sure I’m glad about the medal but still I’m far from my ideal condition but today I showed my best.

Yakimushkin didn’t yet know how his season continues.

U23 men’s next competition is on Friday. They compete medals on mass start 30 kilometer classic style race.


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Istomina strongest in ladies U23 10km freestyle competition

FIS Nordic Junior World Ski Championships continued today with cross country U23 ladies 10 kilometer freestyle competition. Mariya Istomina from Russia won the race with a margin of only two seconds before Finnish Eveliina Piippo.

– It was a really hard and tough race, Istomina told the press.

– In general, leaving last was an advance for me.

Piippo told the press that her tactic was to go first round pretty easy and give it all in on the second round. In her own words, instead of doing that, she started pretty fast but had enough power to keep the same pace all throughout the race.

Both girls will compete in Ulricehamn, Sweden in the World Cup and therefore will not compete again in the Junior World Championships this year.

Norwegian Tiril Udnes Weng was 29,6 seconds behind Istomina and took home the bronze medal.

– The race was really tough. There were a lot of uphills in the course and I like the downhills best, Weng laughed at the press conference.

– The two girls in front of me were lot stronger, so I’m happy about the bronze.

U23 ladies will compete again on Friday when the race will be mass start 15 kilometer classic style.


Photo gallery for JWSC2019 / Photo gallery will be updated during the day.

Photo gredits JWSC2019 / photographer

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French Jules Chappaz won the gold ahead of Terentev and Andersen in U20 10km Free

FIS Nordic Junior World Ski Championships continued with Cross Country U20 10 km competition on the third day of the races. French Jules Chappaz took the win in the men’s competition. Russian Alexander Terentev took silver medal and Norwegian Iver Tildheim Andersen bronze medal.

French Chappaz took the win and felt very good.

“My start position was last. My plan was not to go so fast in the end but the coaches support gave me confidence. I started really fast and I was the last to leave, so I was able to follow the times. It was an advantage for sure. I rested yesterday and prepared for today well. I am taking part in the 30 km and the relay this week.”

Russian Alexander Terentev was the silver medalist 21 seconds behind the gold medalist Chappaz. The weather didn’t bother Terentev that much, since his home is in the same climate as in Lahti.

“Today was a tough race and I began too fast and I could’t keep the same pace”, said Alexander.

Andersen thought that the competition was probably the hardest race of his life.

“Lots of attention for the race and I felt the pressure, because it’s important race and I think that made it so special, said Andersen. He was really satisfied with today result. Andersen was 27.2 seconds behind Chappaz.

Results Ladies

Photo gallery for JWSC2019
Photo gredits JWSC2019 / photographer

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Photo: JWSC2019/Aku Mattila


Frida Karlsson was the strongest in 5km in Lahti JWSC2019

FIS Nordic Junior World Ski Championships continued with Cross Country U20 ladies 5 km free. Swedish Frida Karlsson was the winner of the women’s competition. It was emotional win for her.

“It was fun to ski today. I just wanted to have my revenge”, Karlsson said after the race.

Frida Karlsson succeeded today after Sunday’s disappointment in sprint competition.

Norwegian Helene Marie Fossesholm was the silver medalist 11,1 seconds behind the gold medalist Karlsson.  Fossesholm was also satisfied for today’s race. Fossesholm was especially happy with her technique today.

“The course required a high level of stamina and high level of technical ability, I loved it. I’m looking forward 15 km and I will fight it to the podium.”

Third of the women’s 5 km was Finnish Anita Korva. It was a second start to Korva in championships and also a second medal. She was satisfied for today after difficulties during the training period. She said that the first kilometres of race were hard but then her body woke up and it was a good race.

Results Ladies

Photo gallery for JWSC2019 / Photo gallery will be updated during the day.
Photo gredits JWSC2019 / photographer

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Valnes and Lundgren were the gold medalists of second competition day

FIS Nordic Junior World Ski Championships continued with Cross Country U23 Sprint competitions on the second day of the races. Swedish Moa Lundgren took the win in the women’s exciting competition and Norwegian Erik Valnes was strong winner of the men’s race.

Lundgren thought that the competition was really tough.

– I was so tired, said Lundgren.

Lundgren also said that a medal is always a goal for her. She didn’t know yet what competitions she’s going to take in the races.

Norwegian Tiril Udnes Weng was the silver medalist just 0,05 seconds behind the gold medalist Lundgren who take the won tightly.

Also Weng thought that the race was tough but felt good today.

– Moa was strong at the last fifty meters. I am a bit disappointed that I didn’t take the gold but silver is also good, told Weng.

Weng will still take part in women’s 10 km race.

Third of the women’s final was Russian Aida Bayazitova. She crossed the finish line 3,78 seconds after the winner. Bayazitova told the press that she was a bit tired after the race but all was good in today’s competition.

Results Ladies

Winner of the men’s race, Erik Valnes won the sprint qualification with margin of 5,13 seconds. He also won all of his heats. Valnes was a little surprised of his good shape.

– My shape has been good for some weeks now. I tried to keep the phase high.

Valnes doesn’t compete in other races at these competitions.

Sergey Ardashev took the silver medal in the sprints. Russian told the press that he did his best in the finals and made his maximum result and thought it was not possible to fight with Erik in today’s race. Ardashev crossed the finish line 1,38 seconds after Valnes.

Ardashev also said that he is taking a train in the evening to Russia so he don’t take part in any other races in Lahti.

Norwegian Joachim Aurland was third with margin of 0,62 seconds behind the silver medalist. Aurland was satisfied with his own performance but a little bit disappointed that he didn’t managed to get the silver medal.

– It was nice to compete here, said Norwegian.

Aurland will still take part in the men’s 30 km race on Friday.

Results Men

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Photo gredits JWSC2019 / Janina Pitkänen

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Skistad and Terentev claim victories in U20 sprints at JWSC2019

FIS Nordic Junior World Ski Championships started today with Cross Country U20 Sprint competitions. Winner of the women’s race was Norwegian Kristine Stavaas Skistad and Alexander Terentev took the win in the men’s competition.

Skistad was very happy with her competition.

– It was a really good competition. I will be competing again in 5 kilometer race and in relay, said Skitad.

Polish Monika Skinder was second with margin of 0,63 seconds behind the winner. She said that she didn’t have any tactics for the race. She will be competing again in the relay. Finnish Anita Korva came in third 0,71 seconds behind winner Skistad.

– We had a really good competition today and it was very even for all of us. I hope I can keep good result in every competition, said Korva.

The gold medal favorite, Swedish Frida Karlsson was fifth in the final.

Results Ladies

The front-runner of the men’s sprint, Russian Alexander Terentev, won the race with margin of 2,88 seconds. Terentev really liked the course in Lahti.

– The course was really nice for me, a lot of uphills which is very suitable for me, Russian told the press.

He will be competing again in the 10 kilometer freestyle race. He also said that he will be hopefully competing in the relay.

Norwegian Ansgar Evensen came in second.

– The competition was really tough and it was a hard course. I am very happy.

Evensen told the press that he is gonna chill for the rest of the competition week and hopefully compete in the relay. Evensen’s country-man, Haakon Skaanes was third with only one hundredth of a second behind the silver medalist.

– The competition was hard, there were a lot of strong athletes. The race was really close at the end. My tactic was to go all out. I tried to keep at the winner’s pace but he was a lot faster. I wanted to be in a good position in the last uphill.

U20 skiers continue their competitions on Tuesday, women with 5km and men with 10km freestyle races.

Results Men

Photo gallery for JWSC2019
Photo gredits JWSC2019 / Janina Pitkänen

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Janne Ahonen is the Ambassador of JWSC2019

Ambassador for the FIS Nordic Junior World Ski Championships will be, one of the best ski jumpers ever, Janne Ahonen. Ahonen himself compete two times in a JWSC, and everyone knows what Ahonen achieved in his career. You could not have a better ambassador for junior world championships.

“I have good memories about JWSC, of course. When I participate in first time, I hadn’t so much experience for international competitions. First one was in Harrachov, legendary place for ski jumping, so I got good memories from there. That competition felt so big back then”, Ahonen says.

Ahonen have a lot to tense in these championships. Janne’s son Mico Ahonen will compete in Lahti.

“That’s good thing. That was one of the seasons main goals for Mico to make the team. But you could not be too satisfied for that. Now when Mico is in the team, lets try to get best result that is possible. Although Mico could compete in these games for many times after these Lahti games.”

Ahonen is one of the best ski jumpers ever, so he certainly can give some advices for young ski jumpers.

“You have to remember that these games are just same kind of ski jumping that they have jumped in every competition this year. Focus on your own jumping and do same things what you have done earlier and have learned before. It is a same kind of competition even though it’s a world championship”, Ahonen reminds.

Ahonen has an honour to hand out the trophys for mens individual ski jumping competition on Thursday. Ahonen takes this task for pleasure, but have some thoughts about that ceremony.

“I don’t know how many of these young ski jumpers will remember who Janne Ahonen is. Maybe they remember. Of course, it’s nice that some of these kids have watched me jumping, so it’s nice to be part of that prize giving ceremony”, Ahonen smiles.

Positive snow control for JWSC2019 in Lahti

Everything starts to be ready for the JWSC in Lahti! Snow control is looking good and weather forecast sounds promising for  the upcoming days. Ski jumping hill and skiing tracks are ready for the competitions!

Ski Jumping

The HS100 is in profile. The snow is mainly artificial snow, the latest layer shot at the end of November. Above the human-made snow base, there is some natural snow compressed with snow roller. The in-run has FIS certified TOPSPEED® ice track with a cooling system.

The hill has been open for training from Nov 30th 2018.

Cross Country

The 2,5km North and 2,5km South courses have similar snow construction as at the ski jumping hill and have adequate snow situation. The base of the snow-pack is artificial snow, on top, there are layers of groomed natural snow.

“The whole 5km course network (2,5km North and 2,5km South) has been covered by artificial snow. There is also an additional 1,6km course for warming up, located pretty close to the service area. This course has also been covered by artificial snow in early season.” -Annmari Viljanmaa, CC snow control report for JWSC 2019 (Jan 8th 2019)


Snow depth in Lahti area is 30cm, and some more fresh snow is still expected in the coming days. According to the forecast, the temperatures will remain below zero until the event.

Live stream available in FIS Nordic Junior World Ski Championships

FIS Nordic Junior World Ski Championships in Lahti will be shown via live stream. All events, excluding qualifications, will be streamed during the 20th until 27th January.

Production of the live stream from the Junior World Championships is an important part of the mission of Finnish Ski Association and the event organizers: creating a visilibility of young talented athletes and shown the high-quality sport events for the large amount of audience in Finland and abroad.

”One of the goals of Finnish Ski Association is to increase the visibility of young athletes. With the production company Videpe we can offer high-quality live stream, which is also financially reasonable”, says the Executive Director of Finnish Ski Association Mika Kulmala.

Aino-Kaisa Saarinen, Secretary of General of Junior World Championships sees the importance of the live stream.

”It is very important, that we can offer the live stream with large scale. There has been a lot of questions concerning the live stream. Junior World Championships is the main goal for the athletes during their career and we are proud to show the highlights for the audience as well.”

Live stream will be produced by Videpe Oy and it is shown via internet The event pass (8 days) costs 29,99 euros and day pass 8,99 euros.

Get your live stream here

SEO will be the presenting sponsor of JWSC2019

Finnish Energy Cooperative, SEO, is the presenting partner of FIS Nordic Junior and U23 Cross-Country World Ski Championships. SEO is local but has nationwide distribution channels. Partnership between SEO and Junior World Championships is based on similar values and the desire to support young athletes.

Junior World Championships are being held on 20-27 January in Lahti. SEO’s CEO Arto Viljanen is extremely happy with this partnership and hopes for a national coverage and also success at sport.

“We think precisely, what kind of partnerships we go into. Aino-Kaisa Saarinen introduced her case so convincing that we decided to go along in this local event”, says Viljanen.

JWSC2019 starts in two weeks and preparations have gone well.  Secretary General  Aino-Kaisa Saarinen is happy how arrangements have gone and is relief about that winter has made its way to Lahti.

“The big picture starts to be clear and now we focus on smaller details.  Biggest thing is snow. Now it is coming from the sky and also from snow cannons. Tracks are ready”, tells Saarinen.

Saarinen is giving a big thank you to the organizing committee for all of the hard work.

“Organization has proved again, that things are done extremely well here and athletes can focus on making results. Its very important”, Saarinen says.

Junior World Championships are the main goal of the season for many athletes, and it can open doors for next competitions. World Cup in Salpausselkä and World Championships in Seefeld are in many athletes’ minds.

“Let’s hope that audience is coming to watch success stories which are made in here. We are going to see some exiting races and get new stories, when young athletes race against each other in world championships”, Saarinen ends.

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A brand-new track will be used in FIS Nordic Junior World Ski Championships in Lahti

A brand-new track will be used in FIS Nordic Junior World Ski Championships in Lahti

FIS Nordic Junior and U23 Cross Country World Ski Championships are soon here and preparations are going fast. Last changes on the track were made in early December and also a new track was acknowledged by FIS. Competition Manager Mr. Hannu Lehman tells about what kind of a process it has been to get the skiing routes approved and in good shape.

“The new 3,3km relay track was acknowledged by FIS on the 7th of December. The brand-new track was built on two different routes, because U20 ladies have an unusual skiing length 3,3 kilometers”, Lehman tells.

Tracks in Salpausselkä will definitely not be easy, even though it’s Junior Championships in question.

“This is a World Cup level track and not just made for the young athletes. Biggest rise on the track is 41 meters and total rise is 136 meters. If we will have World Cup relays in the future, this is a good track for it. So, it’s definitely a tough route”, Lehman convinces.

“This track is quite unusual, as normally in relays classic and free part tracks go different routes, but here these go side by side.”

Young athletes are skiing on tracks familiar from MM 2017 Lahti

The tracks in Junior Championships will be an interesting test for the young athletes. The tracks are the same that were used a couple years earlier in adult’s World Championships.

“Apart from the relay track all the other tracks will be same than in Lahti 2017 World Championships. Northern and southern routes are the same, and the sprint track is also completely the same”, Lehman tells.

Conditions in Lahti are in order

Preparations for the upcoming event are on the run and everything seems to go well.

“The tracks will be finished up now after Christmas. The situation is really good, we will see great competitions”, Lehman promises.

Maps & Courses in JWSC2019

Media accreditation is now open!

Dear media represetentatives,

FIS Nordic Junior/U23 World Ski Championships will be held in Lahti 20.-27.1.2019. Altogether Lahti will host over 700 participants from 40 different nations in 23 different competition events.

We warmly welcome all media representatives to participate in the FIS Junior/U23 World Ski Championships and follow the athletes and teams competing in their main event during the season 2018/19.

Please apply your accreditation by filling in the accreditation form.

After sending your own application you will be able to enter a new application under the same media during the same session. The deadline for applications is January 1, 2019. The result of your accreditation application will be sent by e-mail in January 12, 2019 at the latest.

More information for media here.

Over 700 athletes from 40 nations taking part in the FIS Junior Ski World Championships in Lahti

Preliminary entry deadline a week ago fulfilled the pre-expectations concerning the amount of athletes and nations taking part for the FIS Junior Ski World Championships in Lahti in January 2019. Over 700 athletes from 40 different nations are in on the entry lists.

The amount of athletes will be the same as previous year in Goms-Kandersteg, Switzerland. Ladies Nordic Combined was as the test event already last year so it will not that much increase the number of athletes.

Cross Country skiing will be the biggest discipline as usual with, all together U20 and U23, 472 skiers. All 40 nations are represented in XC with the exotic countries as Brazil and Thailand.

In Ski Jumping there will be 143 athletes from 21 countries and in Nordic Combined 103 from 16 countries. Chief of Competition Mr. Hannu Lehman is satisfied with the participators.

”Number of nations is exactly the same as last year, so we need to be satisfied. You never know about the exotic countries, if the teams are in or not. This year we’ll have teams in Lahti also from Mongolia and Island”, says Lehman.

In addition with the athletes there will be approximately 400 team members, which is a bit more than in Switzerland.

Snowmaking in Lahti Sports Center has begun a week ago and the jumping hill HS100 is ready and open for jumping. The first kilometers of Cross country skiing track is also open and more will be ready soon. National Teams, for example in ski jumping, will train in Lahti in up-coming weeks.

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HS 100 hill open for training

HS 100 hill is open for training from 30.11.2018 as follows:

Closed Thu 6.12.2018 (National holiday)



30 € / person /day

More info
Hannu Lehman
Competition Manager

Aino-Kaisa Saarinen appointed as Secretary General of Lahti Ski Games and JWSC2019

Multi-world champion and Olympic medallist Aino-Kaisa Saarinen has been chosen as the new secretary general of Lahti Ski Games. The secretary general is in charge of the event production of Lahti Ski Games and acts as the supervisor of the event organisation.

Saarinen will also serve as the secret ary general of the Nordic Junior World Ski Championships to be organised in Lahti in late January 2019.

In addition to serving as the secretary general, Saarinen will be in charge of the executive producer duties at the event management company Lahti Events year-round. Aino-Kaisa Saarinen will take up her new duties in early August.

Managing Director at Lahti Events Emilia Mäki believes that Saarinen’s background will be a huge asset in the new position. Saarinen has a good understanding of the game orga nisation and knows the people involved in it thanks to her background as a top athlete.

– AinoKaisa not only has a long and excellent experience in Lahti Ski Games but also a strong vision on how Lahti Ski Games event organising should look in the future. Mäki believes that Saarinen will bring a new and fresh perspective to the games.

The former top skier is excited about her new position. Saarinen , who ended her career as a professional skier last season at Lahti Ski Games, reminisces about the amazing atmosphere of the games.

– I was flattered at Lahti Ski Games how people came to see my performance and to cheer me. I feel that in a way, this is my chance to give back to the audience by being part of the event organisation and by developing the event. Lahti Ski Games is a wonderful winter tradition the atmosphere of which all friends of winter sports together with their families are eagerly waiting for.

Saarinen is planning the event to become more like a winter event targeted at families because Aino – K aisa herself has unforgettable memories of the winter festival already from her childhood, from her career as an athlete, as a mother and also through her children’s grandparents.

Athletes, too, are waiting for skiing tracks in Salpausselkä to be in top condition in order for them to be able to get good results. And it is the results and exciting competitions that people come to see because these create the atmosphereSaarinen sums up.

The 94th Lahti Ski Games will be held on 8.–10. February 2019 in Lahti. Nordic Junior World Ski Championships will be held on 20.–27. January 2019 in Lahti. Lahti Events Oy will be in charge of organising the event.