Aino-Kaisa Saarinen appointed as Secretary General of Lahti Ski Games and JWSC2019

Multi-world champion and Olympic medallist Aino-Kaisa Saarinen has been chosen as the new secretary general of Lahti Ski Games. The secretary general is in charge of the event production of Lahti Ski Games and acts as the supervisor of the event organisation.

Saarinen will also serve as the secret ary general of the Nordic Junior World Ski Championships to be organised in Lahti in late January 2019.

In addition to serving as the secretary general, Saarinen will be in charge of the executive producer duties at the event management company Lahti Events year-round. Aino-Kaisa Saarinen will take up her new duties in early August.

Managing Director at Lahti Events Emilia Mäki believes that Saarinen’s background will be a huge asset in the new position. Saarinen has a good understanding of the game orga nisation and knows the people involved in it thanks to her background as a top athlete.

– AinoKaisa not only has a long and excellent experience in Lahti Ski Games but also a strong vision on how Lahti Ski Games event organising should look in the future. Mäki believes that Saarinen will bring a new and fresh perspective to the games.

The former top skier is excited about her new position. Saarinen , who ended her career as a professional skier last season at Lahti Ski Games, reminisces about the amazing atmosphere of the games.

– I was flattered at Lahti Ski Games how people came to see my performance and to cheer me. I feel that in a way, this is my chance to give back to the audience by being part of the event organisation and by developing the event. Lahti Ski Games is a wonderful winter tradition the atmosphere of which all friends of winter sports together with their families are eagerly waiting for.

Saarinen is planning the event to become more like a winter event targeted at families because Aino – K aisa herself has unforgettable memories of the winter festival already from her childhood, from her career as an athlete, as a mother and also through her children’s grandparents.

Athletes, too, are waiting for skiing tracks in Salpausselkä to be in top condition in order for them to be able to get good results. And it is the results and exciting competitions that people come to see because these create the atmosphereSaarinen sums up.

The 94th Lahti Ski Games will be held on 8.–10. February 2019 in Lahti. Nordic Junior World Ski Championships will be held on 20.–27. January 2019 in Lahti. Lahti Events Oy will be in charge of organising the event.

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