A brand-new track will be used in FIS Nordic Junior World Ski Championships in Lahti

A brand-new track will be used in FIS Nordic Junior World Ski Championships in Lahti

FIS Nordic Junior and U23 Cross Country World Ski Championships are soon here and preparations are going fast. Last changes on the track were made in early December and also a new track was acknowledged by FIS. Competition Manager Mr. Hannu Lehman tells about what kind of a process it has been to get the skiing routes approved and in good shape.

“The new 3,3km relay track was acknowledged by FIS on the 7th of December. The brand-new track was built on two different routes, because U20 ladies have an unusual skiing length 3,3 kilometers”, Lehman tells.

Tracks in Salpausselkä will definitely not be easy, even though it’s Junior Championships in question.

“This is a World Cup level track and not just made for the young athletes. Biggest rise on the track is 41 meters and total rise is 136 meters. If we will have World Cup relays in the future, this is a good track for it. So, it’s definitely a tough route”, Lehman convinces.

“This track is quite unusual, as normally in relays classic and free part tracks go different routes, but here these go side by side.”

Young athletes are skiing on tracks familiar from MM 2017 Lahti

The tracks in Junior Championships will be an interesting test for the young athletes. The tracks are the same that were used a couple years earlier in adult’s World Championships.

“Apart from the relay track all the other tracks will be same than in Lahti 2017 World Championships. Northern and southern routes are the same, and the sprint track is also completely the same”, Lehman tells.

Conditions in Lahti are in order

Preparations for the upcoming event are on the run and everything seems to go well.

“The tracks will be finished up now after Christmas. The situation is really good, we will see great competitions”, Lehman promises.

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